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Zenyte Setup Service ($75) + Extras!

About My Services

Hello, I am Jire. I've been programming (RSPS) for over 15 years total, and 10 years professionally as my primary income. I've been using Zenyte since early 2021, way before this leak came out, and used it as the lead developer of Near-Reality, the current largest RSPS using the Zenyte base.

This setup can be done over Git, or with remote desktop software. I can set it up on any OS, from Windows, to Linux on a terminal.

Zenyte cache/server/client setup: $75

  • GitHub repository access, so you can get additional updates/improvements after purchasing, forever!
  • 100% all content working, including shops, teleporter & GE, no errors
  • Includes all known crash exploits patched
  • Server is delombokked (doesn't require Lombok), so it compiles much faster
  • Java has been upgraded to the latest version for server (Java 19), and Java 11 for client so you can use a regular RuneLite launcher
  • All libraries have been upgraded to the latest versions, Gradle has been upgraded to the latest version (7.6), and Kotlin has been upgraded to the latest version (1.8.0)
  • All warnings/deprecations have been corrected.
  • Single constant value for server/client name, makes it easy to change the name. Applies to all interfaces, dialogues, examines, etc. automatically as well.
  • Includes full TypePacker Zenyte cache tool, which makes it easy to customize the cache and reapply all changes to any base cache in the future.
  • Random character .json file corruption bug has been fixed (using atomic move)
  • World thread has been optimized with precise-sleeping and thread affinity, for better server performance
  • JS5 (update server) has been optimized dramatically, JS5 server is now very responsive to requests

Optional extras:

  • Latest RuneLite official launcher (+ with .EXE installer w/ bundled JRE) setup, with .EXE installer code signing (removes Windows safety warning when opening): $100
  • Full website/SQL/API setup: $300
  • 117scape HD plugin: $150
  • Upgraded to revision 211/209 with rewritten networking (using Netrune): $500 (coming soon!)

To discuss, add me on Discord: Jire#0001



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Jire setup Zenyte for me and provided the crash exploit fixes within an hour. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with getting this running as he was very familiar with the source and any pitfalls you may come across.

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