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    Available for hire

    Polo's 317 Services | Server | Client | Interfaces | More

    Available for hire

    Polo's 317 Services
    Hello everyone, my name is Polo and I am offering my services for 317 servers. As of right now, I am not searching for a long term position.
    Discord Tag: Polo#4444
    Discord UID: 530679319714988032 (Please confirm this before any agreements or transactions with me to avoid getting scammed)
    Most of my experience is on 317 custom servers, but that has been purely due to preference. I have enough experience with RSPS and hopefully a deep enough understanding of Java to be open to working on servers of other revisions or categories.
    * Over 4 years of development in Java, 3 of them carried out during higher education.
    * (As of this post) 3 years of education working towards a Software Engineering degree.
    *  Owner and main developer of 4 servers, 3 of which were notably popular.
    * Development experience on over 30 servers.
    * Good understanding and experience with the 317 cache.
    * Graphic Design experience - hundreds of interfaces created using existing resources/sprites and ones made from scratch.
    * Experience with RuneLite implementation and plugins, including the GPU and HD plugin.
    Available Services:
    *  Server development:
    - Improvements to server performance and locating memory leaks.
    - Creating well-organized and complete back-end systems for content.
    - Improvements to server security to reduce the risk of potential attacks.
    - Player security features to reduce the risk of their data being compromised.
    - Creating simple or complex combat scripts with nice visual effects for bosses fought by one or multiple players.

    *  Client development:
    - Improvements to client performance and reducing memory/CPU usage. to avoid player lag and other issues.
    - QOL and visually pleasing features that may improve the player experience overall.
    - Modifications to rendering and locating issues that affect the player experience.
    - RuneLite implementation and plugin implementation/assistance, including the GPU and HD plugins.
    * Interface Design
    - Complete Interface sprites tailored to your liking.
    - Cache packed interfaces or hard interface code provided.
    * Miscellaneous
    - Methods to protect resources in your cache from being stolen by others.
    - Different kinds of auto-updating launchers, including all design.

    Past Work:
    - Will be updated shortly -


    Terms of Service:
    - You must clearly specify what you are purchasing. If you do not mention a detail and that leads to the work taking longer, you may be charged extra or I may refuse to make the modification.
    - You cannot request a refund after the service or product is delivered. If for whatever reason you need a refund before the service is delivered, I am within my rights to decline if I feel that too much time/effort has been invested into the service already.
    - Excluding special cases such as a long term service,  payment must be sent prior to me starting the service. I will NOT accept partial payments or payment after the service is complete/delivered.
    - If you modify the code of a product or service I provide you, I am not responsible for any issues that may occur after (Errors or code misbehaving).
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Design & Animation
    • Gaming
    Available for hire


    Available for hire


    I'm offering custom rsps services. Would also be willing to join a team on a new project.
    I enjoy coding new content (boss mechanics, unique minigames/raids, new skills, etc) the most, but am willing to do anything including fixing bugs and improving your code  
    I charge $20/hour for small jobs and $500/week to join a new project (30 hours/week).

    discord tag: Trth#3779 
    unique id: 598582572699615249

    DM on discord if you'd like to see previous work
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    Available for hire

    [Homework Hub] ✅ Homework Completer 🏆 High Quality 📚 55+ Subjects ❌ No Plagiarism

    Available for hire

    The Homework Hub is the #1 Homework Completion Service that offers a premium homework/assignment completion service.
    - The assignments we complete are completed by qualified, academic professionals who have been active in the industry for several years.
    - We offer a miscellany of subjects, types of assignments and paper formats designed for your personal academic level.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Types of Assignments We Complete
    - Normal Homework (starting from $3.99)
    - Quiz (starting from $3.99)
    - Essay (starting from $13.99)
    - Annotated Bibliography (starting from $13.99)
    - Speech (starting from $5.99)
    - Report (starting from $13.99)
    - Research Paper (starting from $13.99)
    - Presentation (starting from $3.99)
    - Article (starting from $5.99)
    - Creative Writing (starting from $5.99)
    - Letter (starting from $5.99)
    - Movie Review (starting from $5.99)
    - Full Course Completion (starting from $39.99)
    - Other (please note that we complete ALL types of assignments and work; the aforementioned types are only a few types we are capable of completing)

    - English (POPULAR)
    - Mathematics (POPULAR)
    - Chemistry (POPULAR)
    - Biology (POPULAR)
    - Physics (POPULAR)
    - History (POPULAR)
    - Business (POPULAR)
    - Economics (POPULAR)
    - Computer Science (POPULAR)
    - Accounting
    - Anthropology
    - Art & Architecture
    - Astronomy
    - Classic English Literature
    - Communication
    - Criminal Law
    - Culture
    - Ecology
    - Education
    - Engineering
    - Environmental Studies
    - Family and consumer science
    - Film studies
    - Finance
    - Geology
    - Geography
    - Human Resource Management
    - Investments
    - Journalism
    - Law
    - Literature
    - Management
    - Marketing
    - Medicine
    - Music
    - Nursing
    - Philosophy
    - Political science
    - Poetry
    - Psychology
    - Religious studies
    - Shakespeare studies
    - Sociology
    - Technology
    - Theater studies
    - Tourism
    - Women and gender studies
    - World affairs
    - World literature
    - Sports
    - Other (please note that we complete ALL subjects; the aforementioned subjects are only a few subjects we are capable of completing)

    Academic Levels
    - High School
    - Undergraduate
    - Master
    - PhD

    - 3 hours
    - 6 hours
    - 12 hours
    - 24 hours
    - 2 days
    - 3 days
    - 5 days
    - 7 days
    - 9 days
    - 14 days
    - Custom (please specify when contacting)

    Papers Formats
    - APA
    - MLA
    - ASA
    - Chicago
    - Harvard
    - Custom (please specify when contacting)

    To purchase, please use the ticket function in the discord and provide us with the following details [/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR="#FFFFFF"][SIZE=2](answer only the questions that apply to your assignment) we currently only accept payments in the form of Cashapp, Bitcoin, or Litecoin, and many other forms of cryptocurrency payment may be requested but denied at our discretion.
    Promotional Code
    Use code Edit at checkout for 20% off your first order for any assignment.
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    Available Servies

    • Tools
    • Other
    Available for hire


    Available for hire

    Selling discord server boosts cheapest prices on the market!

    Add me on discord to discuss prices. Payment in paypal, crypto or rsgp.
    Swooshy#5355 - make sure you ask for a confirmation message so you know you're dealing with me!

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    Available Servies

    • Social Media
    Available for hire

    [Xeros] Fixed RuneLite HD + Launcher

    Available for hire

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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    Available for hire

    Selling 317 Custom Rsps

    Available for hire

    Selling my own rsps with 1000+ models 100+bosses and so much more. i'm selling my rsps because i don't have time cuz of rl stuff pm me on discord for more info and pics
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    Available Servies

    • Other
    Available for hire

    AllGeniusHost ⚡Starting $6.99/yr⚡ cPanel | Litespeed | ⚡Exclusive Runesuite deals ⚡ AWARD WINNING ⚡

    Available for hire

    AllGeniusHost, a leading web hosting company that offers top-of-the-line services to customers around the globe.
    At AllGeniusHost, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing our customers with the very best webhosting experience possible. Our services are built on a foundation of Pure-SSD Storage, which provides lightning-fast website speeds and optimal performance. Additionally, our hosting plans are powered by Cloudlinux, which provides unparalleled security and stability for your website.
    We also use LiteSpeed Webserver, a cutting-edge technology that enables faster loading times, increased reliability, and improved scalability. Our cPanel interface makes it easy for you to manage your website and hosting account, giving you full control over your online presence.
    At AllGeniusHost, we understand that switching hosting providers can be a hassle, which is why we offer free website migration to our platform. Our expert team will work with you to transfer your website, files, and databases from your current provider to AllGeniusHost, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. Our migration service is completely free, so you can switch to AllGeniusHost with confidence.
    In addition, we offer Softaculous, a powerful tool that allows you to install over 400 applications with just one click.
    Finally, our JetBackUp feature ensures that your data is always safe and secure, with automatic backups and easy restoration options.
    We are confident that you will love our hosting services, which offer unbeatable value and top-notch support during UTC+1 Daytime hours. Join the AllGeniusHost family today and experience the difference for yourself!
    - 3GB Pure SSD Disk Space (Runesuite Special Post/Dm your order number for an additional 2GB Storage for free) - 5 Addon Domains - 5 Parked Domains - 10 E-Mail Accounts - 10 MYSQL Databases - FTP Acccounts - Unlimited Sub Domain - 150GB Monthly Bandwidth - Free SSL Certificates - CloudLinux Powered - Softaculous Script Installer - LiteSpeed Web Server - Free Daily Backups Included - MailChannels Hybrid - Premium Email Delivery - cPanel Control Panel  
    Order Now!
    - 10GB Pure SSD Disk Space - 10 Addon Domains - ∞Unlimited Parked Domains - ∞Unlimited Subdomains - ∞Unlimited E-Mail Accounts - ∞Unlimited MYSQL Databases - ∞Unlimited FTP Accounts - 500GB Monthly Bandwidth - Free SSL Certificates - CloudLinux Powered - Softaculous Script Installer - LiteSpeed Web Server - Free Daily Backups Included - MailChannels Hybrid - Premium Email Delivery - cPanel Control Panel 2.49/mo  or 24,99/ye
    Order Now!
    - 15GB Pure SSD Disk Space - ∞Unlimited Addon Domains - ∞Unlimited Parked Domains - ∞Unlimited Subdomains - ∞Unlimited E-Mail Accounts - ∞Unlimited MYSQL Databases - ∞Unlimited FTP Accounts - 750GB Monthly Bandwidth - Free SSL Certificates - CloudLinux Powered - Softaculous Script Installer - LiteSpeed Web Server - Free Daily Backups Included - MailChannels Hybrid - Premium Email Delivery - cPanel Control Panel
    3,99/mo or 40/ye
    Order Now!
    - 25GB Pure SSD Disk Space - ∞Unlimited Addon Domains - ∞Unlimited Parked Domains - ∞Unlimited Subdomains - ∞Unlimited E-Mail Accounts - ∞Unlimited MYSQL Databases - ∞Unlimited FTP Accounts - 1TB Monthly Bandwidth - Free SSL Certificates - CloudLinux Powered - Softaculous Script Installer - LiteSpeed Web Server - Free Daily Backups Included - MailChannels Hybrid - Premium Email Delivery - cPanel Control Panel 5.99/mo or 50/ye
    Order Now!
    AllGeniusHost Home WebHosting TOS/AUP/Privacy Facebook  
    To further enhance your experience with AllGeniusHost, we also offer a range of additional services to help you build and manage your online presence. These features are exclusivly and mostly free for runesuite.io members. For example:
    Setting up a Website: To set up a website, we can assist you in selecting a suitable website builder platform or content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Shopify. We can also help you getting webfiles you already own online, and optimize the website for search engine optimization (SEO).
    Setting up a Forum: To set up a forum, we can assist you in selecting a suitable forum software, such as phpBB, MyBB, SMF, or Discourse. We can also help you install any other forum software you already have (vBulletin, XenForo, IPS).
    Setting up a Voting Page: If you need to set up a voting page for your website, we can help you set it up and intergrate it server sided.
    Setting up a Store: If you need to set up an online store, we can help you install and configure a suitable webshop for you and intergrate it with your server.
    Setting up a Hiscores Page: If you need to set up a hiscores page for your server. This will allow you to display rankings, stats, and achievements for your users, and create a competitive and engaging environment for your community.
    In summary, at AllGeniusHost, we are dedicated to providing you with all the tools and support you need to succeed online. From hosting and migration to website building and customization, we've got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your online goals.
    AllGeniusHost Team.
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Website Development
    • Hosting
    • Other
    Available for hire

    Zenyte Full Setup

    Available for hire

    About My Services
    will setup your zenyte files for 20$
    can give you HD client for 60$
    add me on discord Juice#7320
    discord id- 628774398815371295

    payment method 

    osrsgp adn  cashapp and paypal, and revolt

       (1 review)

    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Gaming
    Not Available for hire

    Zenyte Package Setup

    Not Available for hire

    Item: Zenyte HD Client + Source
    Price: $60
    Item: Zenyte/RuneLite Launcher
    Price: $130
    Upon purchasing this, you will have unlimited access to the GitHub repository, you will receive all fixes, updates, and improvements.
    By purchasing the Zenyte Package Setup, you automatically agree to; if shared with users who hasn't purchased this, your rights to the GitHub repository will be revoked.
    This is the fixed and working original Zenyte; it's the only pictures I have atm, this is not MoonScape!
    Discord: yuG#8542

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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Website Development
    • Design & Animation
    • Social Media
    • Tools
    • Gaming
    • Other
    Available for hire

    Elroy's YouTube Series / GFX Design Services

    Available for hire

    Hi my names Elroy, I'm a Graphics Designer / Video Editor.
    I have been in the industry for 7 years. I'm self taught and have a lot of knowledge surrounding GFX / Editing software's.

    I've started a new youtube account that i'm going to be taking very serious. uploading 3 times a week. As i'm just starting out I'm going to be offering $10 aud per video.
    I will be doing free videos on certain servers although most videos are $10.

    GFX Services:
    Logo Design, Youtube Channel art / Avatar, Signatures, User Pips, Forums Thread advertisement layout & more!

    Please only contact me via discord @ RSPS Zacc#0075
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    Available Servies

    • Design & Animation
    • Social Media
    • Tools
    • Gaming
    • Other



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A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.

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