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    Available for hire

    High tier Web Developer cheap rates!

    Available for hire

    Jariel Balberona - jaar·ree·uhl

    Senior Software Engineer

    As a software engineer with a focus on Javascript, I have a proven track record in front-end, back-end, and some in mobile development. I have extensive experience in the outsourcing/offshoring industry and have consistently delivered high-quality results for clients.
    Work Experience

    Personal Info
    Discord: 7am#7765 
    Github: /jarielbalberona
    Full Stack Software Engineer
    Legacy to cutting-edge technology. I successfully managed and updated a legacy project, including database and schema modifications, to accommodate new functionalities, and API integration. I also took the lead in implementing and deploying an incremental update of the app, utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Specifically, I employed NextJS for the front end, Jotai for state management, and Tailwind for modern styling. To build an API within the NextJS app, I utilized tRPC, integrating seamlessly with Prisma, our chosen database ORM, which allowed us to reuse the existing database from the legacy project.
    Front-end Lead of a “Book A Clean Web App”
    Hubspot, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Console, Google Tag Manager, Mixpanel Chorefree Living Inc • Vancouver, BC, Canada • Nov, 2020 - March 2022
    As the front-end lead, I created great user interfaces and app structure, and used Jotai for state management. I also optimized data fetching with Apollo client, and added error trackers and Google Tools for analytics and marketing. My leadership and technical skills ensured a great user experience and business success.
    Integrations Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Mixpanel, Stripe Payment, Slack, Spotify, Alexa, SMS
    Front-end Developer
    Freelance Software Engineer
    Software Engineer
    Software Developer & Graphic Designer Intern
    ReactJS, Redux, jQuery
    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch Idearobin Inc. • Cebu City, Philippines• May, 2017 - March, 2018
    Education Cebu Technological University - Argao Campus BS in Information and Communication Technology
    Awards and Achievements Carcar Central National High School Computer Wizard of the Year • Represented Carcar City in Regional Technolympics for Web Development Competition
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    Available Servies

    • Website Development
    Available for hire

    Custom Donator Store & Hiscores

    Available for hire

    Selling my custom Donator Store & Hiscores pages.
    Noticed alot of servers using everythingrs which takes 10% fees.
    My Store accepts stripe which is way better than PayPal as no crazy fees & people never dispute.
    You can set discounts sales on items on the store and items can have limited amounts.
    The hiscores has been customised to add custom values such as top votes & boss kills & works with both game mode & xp mode functioning together.
    Both pages can be easily modified and rethemed.
    You can view the pages on https://vitur.io
    I'll supply all files including sql files.
    Hiscores $30
    Store $30
    Setup fee to work in game (if required):
    Credit to Kingfox for hiscores
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    Available Servies

    • Tools
    • Gaming
    Available for hire

    Selling Ashihama Source (Xeros)

    Available for hire

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    Available Servies

    • Gaming
    Available for hire

    Selling RS3 NXT Services/Ataraxia 910 & 916 sources

    Available for hire

    Selling NXT services, can be anything I'll do it.
    Also specializing in Ataraxia 910 and 916 which I updated myself.
    Ataraxia 916 has wars retreat, archaeology, big game hunter, player owned farms and more over 910.
    My discord is deryaa#1181
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    Available for hire

    #212 Modified Xeros (Tons of work) RL HD & more

    Available for hire

    Hello, I am selling one copy of my source/client/cache & auto-updater.
    The price is $250 firm and the transaction will ONLY be conducted with a RuneSuite staff member present as a Middle Man.
    What it has had done to it:
    Improved Combat formula & Max hit formulas to feel more accurate to OSRS
    All magic spells now have correct gfx/projectile heights and speed
    All sounds and music tracks properly work
    Olm mechanics changed to be more accurate to OSRS, 3 stages of attacks, with 3 common attacks and each stage having 2 special attacks
    Tombs of Amascut partially completed (Most demi-bosses are finished)
    Nex with accurate combat script and mechanics (Multi-instanced version)
    Fixed all known region issues that cause black screens
    NPCs can not melee attack you through walls, fences or other obstructing objects
    and much more smaller additions such as; Custom upgrade table, Custom upgradeable items and much more!
    Here is our video trailer, if you would like more media or have any questions, feel free to add me on discord: Baklava#6941

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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Website Development
    • Tools
    • Hosting
    • Gaming
    Available for hire

    ✨OneDayGFX - Limited Quality Designs ✦ Animated banners ✦ logos ✦ badges✨

    Available for hire

    DeviantArt  ||DeviantArt Group

    Hello brothers & sisters, i'm Reposting my service thread in a better jacket.

    I'm a quite passionated designer and can create nice things, so someone adviced me to make a thread. 
    Have worked with several Private servers before, and still am. (Onyx, Dreamscape, AhoyPK, Calisto, Corruptionx, etc..)
    I will be offering the next things for a decent nagotiable price and i'm sure we can work something out together, if you're interested. 
    Feel free to hmu in my Pm, or contact me through discord "Zuckerberg#2295"
    These examples are either new or older, the most quality ones are my recents.
    Paypal (f&f) or OSRS currency offers can be accepted.

    Animated Gif banners / Discord badges (40$) 
    Spoiler for Gifs: 

    Client backgrounds (25$)

    Spoiler for examples of myself: 

    Userbars (depending on the request) (3-6$/userbar)
    Package prices can be negotiated.
    Spoiler for examples of myself: 

    (very old ones these)

    1. You contact me on here or Discord ( Prefer disc. - Zuckerberg#2295 )
    2. The prices can sometimes variate depending on the request.
    3. I give watermarked semi-teases of the progress if wished by the client.
    4. Payments either go through PayPal(f&f) or OSRS gp
    5. You choose to pay me upfront, or at the end. But nothing will be given out before paid.
    6. No refunds after the exchange is made, be careful with the decision.

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    Available Servies

    • Design & Animation
    Available for hire

    215 Avernic

    Available for hire

    Hello I am selling avernic loading 215 data for 100 usd per copy. it does not come with the skeletal animation system. 

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    Available Servies

    • Other
    Available for hire

    Praesul 💫 ✦ AIO Editor ✦ 🔥

    Available for hire

    Praesul Editor is exclusive and NOT for sale or distribution. So we kindly request that you refrain from reaching out to us for inquiries, testing, or any purchasing endeavors.
    Thread Archetype
    Normal Text
    Not Started
    In Progress
    » Links  «
    ★ Important  ★

    At Praesul, we are committed to being the best not only in our services or development but also our in-house tools, holding ourselves to exceptionally high standards in workflow, quality, and efficiency that starts from the tools that you have at your disposal, now you may be thinking, "Well how does this differ from the  Previous Editor you showcased?" My response to that would be that it differs in every aspect. Previously, we utilized an Open Source version of  » RSPSI «, which we heavily modified for optimization and to incorporate new features. However, in order to surpass our current achievements and raise the bar to a whole new level, we made the decision to create our own editor entirely from scratch, drawing inspiration from Jagexs in-house tools, and without further ado through weeks of dedicated development, careful planning, and meticulous design, we proudly present Praesul Editor to the masses. This represents a significant leap forward in our capabilities, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible experiences for our team.

    ★ OpenGL ★
    ★ RuneTek ★
    ★ Custom Overlay, Underlay, Locations Support  ★
    Underwater Mapping
    Multi Map Editing
    » OSRS Support «
    » RS2 Support «
    » ★ RS3 Support  ★ «
    »  Orthographic Editor View «
    »  3D Editor View «
    »  Advanced Height Editor «
    »  Perlin Noise Editor | Generator «
    »  Environment Editor «
    »  Elements «
    »  Brushes «
    »  Model View «
    »  Advanced Information Panel «
    »  Application Wide Shortcuts «
    & More
    Skybox Editor
    NXT Support
    FPS & Coords Overlay
    & More
    Location Kits
    & More

    » RS2 «
    » RS3 «

    ★ Best Regards Praesul Team ★
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    Available Servies

    • Design & Animation
    • Tools
    • Gaming
    Available for hire

    Ataraxia Full NXT 910 Server

    Available for hire

    i am selling full ataraxia 910 nxt server. comes with source files, 14gb cache files, data folder nxt clients you will need patch new client to host.
    full solak boss with all real phases.
    mobile switch layout with keyboard and mouse.
    area loot interface fully working.
    fully working runemetrics "drops" interface
    invention machines fully working.
    real boss interface instances.
    mining & smithing rework fully working.
    full telos rewards interface.
    fully working skyboxes.
    fully working grand exchange solo uses to buy and sell basely all items. - to auto buy need pay %5 over & to auto sell need to sell -% under.
    same teleports system for all slayer monsters same as ataraxia 926.
    fully working "skill animations,  spell animations, walk animations, rest animations"
    fully working beast collection interfaces and full drop log interface.
    just take note none of this stuff was added in 910. i added all this my self using ataraxia 916 source code 
    price is £40 for source files, 14gb cache files, local nxt client. you need to patch new client to host which you can do with opennxt tool.
    i can show full proof on anydesk or sharescreen of the whole server before any sort of payment.
    discord name is "ataraxia910"
    or for more info. https://gyazo.com/8e60f4c4d678941cf826050a34914ea1
    5e81fa1e481d47b6e1df3a9051478c40.mp4 09e0a909fc3e73de68f9104de25ddfdb.mp4 9f517d86bf93a03d1ce48e503cf1462e.mp4 4901e29e3c6e1c638777a557c317e4a7.mp4 8956e3f25d4963bdbe7ae643acea40ff.mp4 93236ab839ac2465bb41f6c3bc4e9240.mp4 c2fd35ede9264fcd6611b75e76639bfc.mp4
    c53b6e88528cc25b307517f6d60cee95.mp4 cbcf13d47388640675543cbd8201ed40.mp4 d29b67cf7b4c29f7771b8289ef2b24cf.mp4 db564db337ed95f2ab970a92e74b796f.mp4 f3b29224c8cd68a3df48a6a3bf3cc49a.mp4
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Gaming
    Available for hire


    Available for hire

    RuneLite Sideloader ( Loads external plugins )
    Free plugins && Paid plugins(Monthly package or Lifetime cost)

    Discord: https://discord.gg/3ZPdAPgE23

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    Available Servies

    • Gaming
    • Other



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What is a RSPS?

A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.

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