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    Available for hire

    Experienced Server-Side/Content Developer seeking RSPS work!

    Available for hire

    Welcome, I'm Necrotic and I go by "Riley" / "Riley D" as well.
    I am ultimately seeking a full time position as a Server-Side/Content Developer or Lead Developer role. I have 7+ years of RSPS experience.
    I am willing to work hourly/per-task as well.
    Contact me on discord to inquire: RileyDev
    I an extremely capable at developing any server-side content. I specialize in developing both OSRS or custom content. I am also an active OSRS player and am familiar with all raids/bosses etc. I'm ready to work hard to deliver whatever challenging content your server needs.
    Further, I am capable of solving bugs & fixing things that are broken or just incorrectly implemented.
    - Originally a self-taught programmer.
    - I also have a degree in Computer Programming.
    RSPS Background:
    - Ran my own Necrotic RSPS from 2016-2018 & released it.
    - Worked as Lead Developer role in RSPS development for 1 year.
    - Worked as a Server-Side/Content Developer in RSPS for 6 years.
    - Wrote custom content and 1-to-1 OSRS content for a variety of servers as a freelance developer.
    - Created custom boss scripts & programmed OSRS boss mechanics such as Nex.
    - Fixed dupes in Ruse servers.
    - Rewrote .JSON file serialization to MongoDB (Kronos).
    - Created Dockerized RSPS containers for quick dev/test deployment.
    - Wrote tournament PVP system for Kronos.
    - I can work with the latest OSRS content/latest OSRS data.
    Technical Skills:
    - Java
    - Kotlin
    - Git & Github
    - Gradle
    - MySQL/MongoDB
    - Windows & Linux Hosting/VPS/Dedicated server management
    - Web development (HTML/CSS/PHP/Node.js/React.js)
    - Python, C#, SQL skills and more!
    Sources I've worked with:
    - Zenyte (1+ year of experience)
    - Kronos (2+ years of experience)
    - Ruse (3+ years of exeperience)
    - 317s (1+ year of experience)
    Job history:
    - Developer at Simplicity RSPS, 2023-2024
    - Lead Developer at PVP-Hero, 2022-2023
    - Developer at RuneVerse, 2022
    - Developer at Grinderscape, 2022
    - Developer at Dream-Scape 317
    - Developer at OS-Legion
    - Owner of Necrotic RSPS, 2016-2018
    - I have also taken on several jobs of per-completion work, and have had several large servers as clients over the years.
    Discord: RileyDev
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Website Development
    • Hosting
    Available for hire

    Java Services | 14 years experience | Any revision

    Available for hire

    📝 Open Services, any revision, any framework.  📝
    - 12 years of Java Experience
    - Reliable
    - Affordable
    - Flexible
    - Trust-worthy
    What I can offer:
    - Networking
    - Re-writes
    - Content
    - Minigames
    - Pathfinding / Clipping
    - Definition dumps
    - Interfaces (server-sided implementation)
    - Custom content
    - Content written from scratch 1:1 with match of any timeframe includes OSRS/Pre-Eoc
    - Custom Discord Bots
    - Combat re-writes
    - Custom Requests.
    Have something you need? that is not on this list? get in touch for a quote.
    - Hourly, starts at 25$/hr (open to negotiations.)
    - Per Task, depends on the size of the request. We can discuss and negotiate
    How does it work?
    - We can use the escrow-bot OR If you have vouches I will do the work first before any payments.
    Payment Methods:
    Paypal, Bank Transfer (UK), CashAPP (UK), RSGP
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Tools
    • Other
    Available for hire

    Selling custom launcher.

    Available for hire

    Launcher comes with no buttons, or background. All pngs, and gifs shown will NOT be provided. 

    The loading bar will still be the same as it runs off drawn Pixels and has a full RGB/HSL Color chooser for it which can also be implemented into the loading text. There is also 12 fonts to select from. 

     The pages Consist of uploaded .png from live links which can be updated, and the update for the links will show upon new launch. No need to re-jar and rerelease it.  You can also do the same with your buttons if you choose. 

    The Downloader not only consists of the client download, but also pulls the cache for the client, and unzips it. I figured implementing this feature would not only reduce the loading time for the client launching, but it made the launch for the client more convenient. Less to load on the launch as the launchers code is very seamless. In most cases you can delete your cache downloader even or disable it, as long as your files are still loading from it. This all depends on source capabilities. 

    This has full .gif support, background or whatever. I have it set to OSRS client size which is 765x503 although it can be set to any width and size easily.

    Imgur links due to pic file size wasnt gonna compress them for post lol


    Any questions feel free to holler at my DMs on discord: 


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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    • Website Development
    • Design & Animation
    • Tools
    Available for hire

    NEW RuneShores 10/04/24

    Available for hire

    RuneShores is an OSRS Minimal Custom OSRS Eco Server with Pk Accounts - Start your adventure today! Earn Real money Collecting and Cashing in your 1 dolar fragments!    

    We have some awesome content and Semi Custom interfaces and Objects whilst keeping a good balance with the Osrs theme!
    Defeat powerful creatures & unlock unique rewards Check the Drop log on the Cog Tab!
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    Available Servies

    • Gaming
    Available for hire

    Client Development

    Available for hire

    Have very limited time so will only accept and completely jobs when I have nothing better to do.
    Most the work I do is RuneLite plugin related, but I can do other things too
    Most of recent work done is on Arkcane, so will just be referencing there for a portfolio.
    New scrollable menus/runelite submenus

    ChatMessage URL/hover support

    Timers plugin including custom timers


    For those confused below shows something OSRS added not too long ago, allowing Players/NPC's to have multiple graphics playing at once

    Combat Level Plugin

    Resource Packs

    Corporeal Beast Plugin + DPS Counter Plugin

    3D Weather

    Minimap plugin

    List of plugins done so far(I didn't do all of them on this client but most of them, and am capable of doing all)

    For runelite plugins, you must already have runelite frame working, frankly this is tedious to do over and over..
    All pricing is in GBP/Great British Pound(£)
    How services work:
    If the service that amount to over £250(large plugins for example will exceed this), 25% is upfront
    If I agree to do your service and we agree on a price, you'll add me to your client repo or send me your client files - must be able to login
    I will complete the service and show you the results via gifs/screenshots or share screen via discord call
    If happy, you'll pay me
    Once paid, I'll push on the repo or send your client files back to you with the changes
    Discord: thegururspsdev
    Discord ID: 1165226338634960936
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    Available for hire

    SwiftBoosts - Cheap Discord Nitro

    Available for hire

    If anyone needs any of their discord servers nitro boosted let me know, I can now offer this as a service.
    |1 Month Server Boosts:
    |14 Server Boosts - $3

    |Prices (3 months):
    |8x boosts - $2.75
    |12x boosts - $3.90
    |14x boosts - $4.90
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    Available Servies

    • Social Media
    Available for hire

    317 Full Time Developer

    Available for hire

    16th year of programming Java
    Self taught, dedicated. No real life qualifications as I self taught
    Capable of working 8-10 hours a day, 7 days availability
    Capable of writing anything from scratch such as raids even TOA. 
    Capable of writing anything you imagine, quests, minigames, bosses, skills, etc.
    Looking to work on a 317 server and be capable of completing 40-70 hours a week
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development
    Available for hire

    Custom priff map

    Available for hire

    am here by selling my custom home i dont sadly use
    Price 20$
    Discord castiel7544

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    Available Servies

    • Other
    Available for hire

    ⭐ 300+ Orders 🔥 High Quality Animated Banners, Discord Avatars, Logos and more! 🔥 Fast Turnaround Time ⭐

    Available for hire

    Discord User: pasedesign
    Discord UID: 603879130970325013
    Discord Server: Join Here
    Warning: Ensure that you request a PM if you are doubtful it is me. There are impostors around!
    Previous Work

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    Available Servies

    • Design & Animation
    • Other
    Not Available for hire

    Selling Cryptic fixes

    Not Available for hire

    Selling clipping, object interaction and more for this

    PM me for more info
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    Available Servies

    • Game Development



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