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Praesul 💫 ✦ AIO Editor ✦ 🔥

About My Services

Praesul Editor is exclusive and NOT for sale or distribution. So we kindly request that you refrain from reaching out to us for inquiries, testing, or any purchasing endeavors.

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At Praesul, we are committed to being the best not only in our services or development but also our in-house tools, holding ourselves to exceptionally high standards in workflow, quality, and efficiency that starts from the tools that you have at your disposal, now you may be thinking, "Well how does this differ from the  Previous Editor you showcased?" My response to that would be that it differs in every aspect. Previously, we utilized an Open Source version of  » RSPSI «, which we heavily modified for optimization and to incorporate new features. However, in order to surpass our current achievements and raise the bar to a whole new level, we made the decision to create our own editor entirely from scratch, drawing inspiration from Jagexs in-house tools, and without further ado through weeks of dedicated development, careful planning, and meticulous design, we proudly present Praesul Editor to the masses. This represents a significant leap forward in our capabilities, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible experiences for our team.

★ OpenGL ★
★ RuneTek ★
★ Custom Overlay, Underlay, Locations Support  ★
Underwater Mapping
Multi Map Editing
» OSRS Support «
RS2 Support «
» ★
RS3 Support  ★ «
Orthographic Editor View «
3D Editor View «
Advanced Height Editor «
Perlin Noise Editor | Generator «
Environment Editor «
Elements «
Brushes «
Model View «
Advanced Information Panel «
Application Wide Shortcuts «
& More

Skybox Editor
NXT Support
FPS & Coords Overlay
& More

Location Kits
& More



» RS2 «

» RS3 «

Best Regards Praesul Team

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  • Administrator

Huge vouch for my guy Edit. He can take care of all your map making needs and has some of the best tools out there. 10/10

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