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Fully Functioning Gauntlet/Corrupted Gauntlet


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Hey guys, 

It's been awhile since we've posted anything in this section, but today we’re proud to announce that we’re the first RSPS (to my knowledge) to release the Gauntlet, as well as the Corrupted version! We’ve been working on this for the past few weeks, and although it isn’t 1-to-1, it’s quite accurate to OSRS. We’ve also released Prifddinas and most of the city content such as the new agility course, Elven crystal chest & more.

Working on the Gauntlet was a bit tricky considering that the dungeon is entirely dynamic, and the fact that we haven’t had a similar piece of content to this (as some of you know, our Chambers of Xeric is not dynamic either). We’re very happy with the outcome, and our players are loving it so far.

I’ve included an outline of the features below, as well as two videos -- a regular run-through, and one for the Corrupted Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet:

  • The Gauntlet is a solo mini-game in Prifddinas in which the player is given a limited amount of time to explore a completely randomly generated dungeon layout, gather supplies and resources by utilizing both skills and combat, in preparation to fight the Crystalline Hunllef.
    • Access:
      • It can be accessed through a portal in Prifddinas, or through the Teleport wizard.
      • Additionally, you can type ;;gauntlet to teleport there quickly.
    • Objective:
      • You must move through the dungeon to explore the different rooms, which may contain resources or monsters, or both.
      • You have 10 minutes in the dungeon to gather resources and equipment for the final fight. Once the timer runs out, you are teleported into the final room automatically and must fight to the death. You can enter the boss fight room earlier if you choose, which can lead to better loot.
      • Different resources can be collected through Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing and other gathering methods. These resources can be cooked into food, and some are necessary for creating weapons, armour and potions which will assist in the final boss fight.
      • Smaller crystalline monsters, such as bats, rats and unicorns can be killed for supplies, while higher level monsters such as Dark beasts and Dragons offer better drops at the cost of taking more time to defeat.
      • The Crystalline Hunllef must be defeated to complete the dungeon:
      • The Hunllef primarily attacks with range or mage. It always starts with magic attacks, and after 4 attacks it will alternate to ranged, and so on.
      • The Hunllef also will always have a protection prayer up, and after every 6th hit it receives it will change it’s prayer to your last attack style.
      • If you walk under the Hunllef, you may get crushed by a Stomp attack that deals up to 40 damage, so you'll want to stay out of its way.
      • The room will constantly have dangerous tiles that you can’t step on. At first, these tiles will turn blue to warn you and give you time to run off of them. Once they have turned orange, they will damage you every tick you are standing on them.
      • Occasionally, the Hunllef will summon 1-3 whirlpools that chase you around the room. You’ll have to outrun these for 14 seconds, otherwise they will deal damage constantly if they reach you.
    • Completion of the Gauntlet will reward players with various loot, including crystal armour seeds to create new Crystal equipment.
      • Dying or leaving early may still grant small reward for your time and effort, but does not grant any unique rewards.
    Corrupted Gauntlet:
    • Players who are up for a real challenge can enter the Corrupted Gauntlet, which is a fiery red dungeon that is very similar to the regular gauntlet, though with a few key differences:
    • Rather than 10 minutes to explore the dungeon, you are only allowed 7.5 minutes.
    • Rather than 600hp, the Hunllef has 1000 hp.
    • Upon completion, you have a better chance of obtaining a unique reward, and better base loot.
    • Upon the first completion of the Corrupted gauntlet, you will receive the Gauntlet cape.


Regular Gauntlet:

Corrupted Gauntlet:

Hope you guys enjoyed, and we'd love to hear your feedback/criticism! :)

Edited by alora
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