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Found 21 results

  1. SERVER INFORMATION / MEDIA [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD ( This one includes many fixes, character files as oppose to the one being sold) [Hidden Content] VIRUS SCAN
  2. Media Download Here Full package (source/client/cache) [Hidden Content] Package.rar?dl=0
  3. Media: Trump [Hidden Content] There is on the files (arcticps) ,discord system for ruse base you can copy it ! Download Here: full package: (source/client/cache)= [Hidden Content] Full Package.zip?dl=0 enjoy!
  4. Hey guys, So I saw some people that needed help adding customs to their RSPS so here I am. 1) You should have an int (the item's info) and 2 .dat files (those are the models for your item, the drop model and the wear model) 2) Add these two models in your "Raw" folder in your cache:
  5. -= Solak Custom RSPS 317 =- Discord: [Hidden Content] Custom Boss, Custom Monster, Awesome challenges, Grinding zones, Afk Zones etc. Have a Sneak Peak Here: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. Grim Refer's Custom Map Services - Hi, my name is Grim Refer and I make professional quality maps for any RSPS that is compatible with RSPSI map editor. DETAILS & DEALS - Return customer discounts available. - If you want your server to have that "wow" factor that the top RSPSs have, then I'm your guy. - If you have any questions, feel free to PM me anytime. - I accept PayPal and Cash App payments. - I have many more maps to show off. I can't post them all here, so DM me anytime. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, -Grim Refer- CONTACT INFO - Discord: Grim Refer#3723 SHOW OFF
  7. Polo's 317 Services Hello everyone, my name is Polo and I am offering my services for 317 servers. As of right now, I am not searching for a long term position. Discord Tag: Polo#4444 Discord UID: 530679319714988032 (Please confirm this before any agreements or transactions with me to avoid getting scammed) Most of my experience is on 317 custom servers, but that has been purely due to preference. I have enough experience with RSPS and hopefully a deep enough understanding of Java to be open to working on servers of other revisions or categories. Experience: * Over 4 years of development in Java, 3 of them carried out during higher education. * (As of this post) 3 years of education working towards a Software Engineering degree. * Owner and main developer of 4 servers, 3 of which were notably popular. * Development experience on over 30 servers. * Good understanding and experience with the 317 cache. * Graphic Design experience - hundreds of interfaces created using existing resources/sprites and ones made from scratch. * Experience with RuneLite implementation and plugins, including the GPU and HD plugin. Available Services: * Server development: - Improvements to server performance and locating memory leaks. - Creating well-organized and complete back-end systems for content. - Improvements to server security to reduce the risk of potential attacks. - Player security features to reduce the risk of their data being compromised. - Creating simple or complex combat scripts with nice visual effects for bosses fought by one or multiple players. * Client development: - Improvements to client performance and reducing memory/CPU usage. to avoid player lag and other issues. - QOL and visually pleasing features that may improve the player experience overall. - Modifications to rendering and locating issues that affect the player experience. - RuneLite implementation and plugin implementation/assistance, including the GPU and HD plugins. * Interface Design - Complete Interface sprites tailored to your liking. - Cache packed interfaces or hard interface code provided. * Miscellaneous - Methods to protect resources in your cache from being stolen by others. - Different kinds of auto-updating launchers, including all design. Past Work: - Will be updated shortly - Vouches: Terms of Service: - You must clearly specify what you are purchasing. If you do not mention a detail and that leads to the work taking longer, you may be charged extra or I may refuse to make the modification. - You cannot request a refund after the service or product is delivered. If for whatever reason you need a refund before the service is delivered, I am within my rights to decline if I feel that too much time/effort has been invested into the service already. - Excluding special cases such as a long term service, payment must be sent prior to me starting the service. I will NOT accept partial payments or payment after the service is complete/delivered. - If you modify the code of a product or service I provide you, I am not responsible for any issues that may occur after (Errors or code misbehaving).
  8. I really need a copy of Goldenscape 4.6 which is a newest one because it is a kick ass rsps and i really want it lol should be pretty easy to get. If you can leak it would be perfect.
  9. Jack


    6 Years🥳 with constant innovation, THE BEST updates in the industry, A community of RAVING FANS, EVENTS with HOT and 👩ATTRACTIVE GIRLS 3X Daily👩!!
  10. Recently a lot of you guys have been asking for the dreamscape customs on a client. I have decided to do something different instead of giving you all one client to configure for your rsps. Pm me your Skype or post it below and I will come on teamviewer and pack it on YOUR client. I will only be doing this for 3 days. Please download this before you get me on your teamviewer: [Hidden Content]
  11. im looking for a good custom server base 317/pi if anyone can link me to one would be great
  12. Equinox317 Custom Server [Hidden Content] This server had 300 players
  13. For everyone looking for a custom server, this has some dupes and bugs in it. [Hidden Content] Client.rar?dl=0 [Hidden Content] Source.rar?dl=0 The Cache will auto download. I worked on this server and added a bunch of customs, i was selling it for 20$ but i decided in mostly done with rsps and don't want to host it anymore. Please Enjoy and feel free to rip content and give feedback. If you need someone to vouch ask Mathy!
  14. Need a good base for this type of server if you know of anything please link me thanks pals.
  15. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  16. Mathy

    Custom models

    Hey guys, This time I'm not asking for a source or client, I am asking for any customs that you have in .dat format (please no .gz) with the ints. Dump the models and ints as downloads, you'd be the best + rep and thanks ++
  17. title says it all can someone give me a good custom source and client whant to make a a custom server again long time ago i had one 30 players on (my old server lost the source
  18. i am in need of custom dicing interfaces if anyone can help me by making some and also helping me adding them because i never done this before thanks if u can help.
  19. Hey guys, The forums are getting pretty big, which is awesome, so it means there's more people to release some stuff. If anyone has ANY kind of custom package (source, client and cache) that hasn't already been released on the forums, put them in comments or PM me here or on Skype at : sakoofortin I know I might get annoying but I wanna make the best custom server so I need help you guys to link me some packages. Thanks Mathy
  20. Does any one have imagine ps files, or dream scape files, also interested in spawnpk client and source



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What is a RSPS?

A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.

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